Medium 53min 15seg 6

: Cookii 2



Bolognaise sauce ingredients

800 g minced beef
100 g bacon
80 g celery
6 cloves of garlic
1 carrot
1 onion
50 g olive oil
800 g dices italian tomatoes (2 tins)
200 g tomato pulp (1 tin)
Salt and pepper

Béchamel sauce ingredients

1000 g milk
100 g plain flour
60 g butter
1 tsp salt

Lasagne ingredients

Lasagne past sheets
Shredded cheese
Handful of basil



  1. Place the bacon, celery, carrot, onion, garlic, salt and pepper into the bowl and mix for 15 seconds on speed 7. Scrape down sides with the spatula.
  2. Add oil and program 7 minutes, at 100ºC on speed 1.
  3. Add minced meat and cook for 14 minutes, at 100ºC on reverse speed 1.
  4. Add tomatoes / tomato pulp and cook for 20 minutes, at 100ºC on reverse speed 1. Once finished, keep hot.


  1. Place all Ingredients into the bowl and cook for 12 minutes, at 90ºC on speed 4.
  2. Once the béchamel is finished, assemble the Lasagne in layers of pasta, bolognaise and béchamel repeatedly until finished in a large baking dish.
  3. Place a few leaves of basil on top of each layer, on top of the béchamel sauce.
  4. Top off with some shredded cheese.
  5. Put into the oven and bake in oven for 45 minutes in 180ºC oven and add another 7-10 minutes at 225ºC to really brown the top.