Side dishes

Saucy tomato rice

Medium 27min 10seg 4

: Cookii 2

Saucy tomato rice


170 g onions
3 garlic cloves
60 g olive oil
660 g ripe tomatoes
1 Tbsp salt
400 g round grain rice
1200 g water


  1. Weigh the peeled and diced onions into the bowl.
  2. Add the peeled garlic cloves and mince 5 seconds on speed 5. Weigh the olive oil into the bowl and cook 5 minutes, at 120ºC on speed 2, without the measuring cup.
  3. Wash the tomatoes, cut them in half and remove their seeds, weigh them into the bowl and mince 15 seconds on speed 5. Add the salt and cook 5 minutes, at 120ºC on speed 2.
  4. Add the rice and the water to the bowl and cook 22 minutes, at 100ºC on reverse speed 1.
  5. Tip into a platter and serve immediately.