Valencian paella

Medium 54min 07seg 8

: Cookii 2

Valencian paella


400 g onion
4 cloves of garlic
2 can diced tomatoes
100 g olive oil
200 g red bell pepper, diced
200 g bacon strips
400 g chicken breast, diced
300 g white wine
2 bay leaf
360 g squid, cut into rings
2 dessert spoon saffron
2 dessert spoon paprika
600 g prawns, peeled, but the heads remain
500 g clams with their shells
300 g mussels (flesh)
600 g long grain rice
400 g peas
2 seafood stock cubes
500 g canned sausages, sliced
2 lemons
Water, as needed
Salt, as needed
A sprig of parsley, chopped


  1. Add the onion, the garlic and the tomato to the mixing bowl and mill for 7 seconds on speed 5. Add the bell peppers, the olive oil and the bacon and braise for 7 minutes at 100°C on speed 2.
  2. Add the squid, the chicken, the wine, the bay leaf, the saffron, the paprika and the salt. Place the Steamer on top with the clams, the prawns and the mussel flesh. Program 25 minutes, on reverse speed 2 at 100°C.
  3. Once the programmed time is over, set the contents of the Steamer aside. Remove the chicken and the squid from the mixing bowl with the help of a small strainer. Weigh the liquid and add water until the total weight is 1800 g. Add the rice, the peas and the seafood stock cube and program 22 minutes on Reverse speed 1 at 100°C. Pause at minute 11 and turn the food over. Continue cooking. At 5 minutes from the end, rectify the seasoning and add the sausages.
  4. In a Pyrex, spread out the mixture with the chicken and add the mussels, spread the rice all over and sprinkle with parsley. Pour over the lemon juice. Stir with the spatula.
  5. Arrange the clams and the prawns all over the top. Decorate with segments of lemon.

Tip: Depending on the quality and the brand, the rice may have a variable cooking time. If you intend to cook the rice a bit more, program a few more minutes at the same speed and temperature. If you prefer a less intense flavour, reduce the quantity of lemon and saffron.